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Reflecting the thoughts

of a cat owner

and thoughts for a cat owner.

All cat owners who raise cats must be geniuses.

Their stories are often emotional, scientific and what they say always seem true.

And so, our team tried making a toy in the perspective of a cat owner.

Introducing Jellypaw, the only cat toy in the world created for cat owners!


Calling all cat owners!

Does your cat spend more than an hour a day playing toys?

If not, what happens to these toys during the remaining 23 hours?

Out of sight, out of mind... Do these toys even get used at least once a month?


For all cat owner wannabes! A cat paw print!

Created in the shape of a cat paw, Jellypaw is made from soft materials according to the golden ratio. It will no doubt occupy the most prominent spot in the house!


A home decor item for 23 hours a day and a cat toy for an hour a day.

Use Jellypaw every day!

Affective Design


Scientific Features

Most cat owners will know that

laser pointers should not be used and pointed towards the eyes.

However, despite its dangers, the use of laser pointers is 

the easiest way to catch a cat's full attention!


To address these mixed feelings of worry and helplessness,

we have created a KC certified, low stimulation laser pointer.


Calm your worries and heighten your cat's interest during play!

Enjoy Jellypaw every day!

Special Story


"I want a special gift for a friend who likes cats."

"I need a way to handle my recently adopted cat that hides whenever I come home from work."

"Is there a way to make my cat come out of the room just like a puppy whenever I call?"

"I want to teach an aspiring cat owner the language of cats." and the list goes on...


These are some parenting experiences of cat owners.

Cat owners are always willing to share their precious experience and this was

incorporated into Jellypaw’s design which features 4 moods and 14 different types of cat talk.


Not just a simple 'meow', 

but recordings of cat talk from the kitten stage to adult stage.

The gift of a special experience.

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