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Pogme cares. Just like your veterinarian.

Pets are an integral part of the family and so deeply loved. We do the best we can to provide for their well-being, but often times it is difficult to detect that your pet is not feeling well until it warrants a visit to the Veterinary office. Let the Pogme help! 


The Pogme offers a welcoming, comfortable place to rest and play with an integrated patented healthcare monitoring system that helps identify potential issues in real time, allowing for preventative care measures. It provides the confidence you need to go about your day with peace of mind, knowing your pet is happy, healthy and well taken care of.

Discovering the natural way to maintain health.


Comfy & Cozy

Induces frequent use by matching your pet's actual tempurature, not room temperature, providing a comfortable resting place.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 5.19.05 PM.jpg

Daily Weight Tracking

Your pet's daily weight is automatically measured in real time.


Monitor Sleep & Rest

Provides information and insight about your pet's growth and rest habits.


Good Sleep & Active Play

Plays healing music that boost immunity and induces a deep, restful sleep.


Studies show that obesity is one of the root causes of many chronic diseases. A surpising 60% of pets worldwide are obese. Managing a healthy weight for your pet is a challenging task, but continues to become increasingly critical in caring for your pet. 

It is a shock, however, that there are very few people who actively manage the weight of their pets.

This is understandable. Measuring the weight of your pet daily is a chore! But obesity is a serious disease.

The world's top 3 four-point measurement technology paired with a unique algorithm that allows for precision within 10g accuracy.

Do you get on the scale with your pet, then subtract your weight to obtain your pet’s weight?

Is that an accurate reflection of your pet’s weight?


Or do you take its weight once every few months when you visit the vet?

In between these visits, is there a way to accurately find out changes in your pet's weight?


Lowered Immune System

Obesity impairs the immune system, leading to increased risk of infections and health problems.

Difficulty breathing

In overweight animals, the lungs can not function properly. The additional fat in the chest restricts the lungs from expanding and functioning properly.  The increased quantity of tissue also puts a strain on the lungs to supply more oxygen, causing huffing and puffing.

Heart disease

For overweight pets, high blood pressure (hypertension) is common and the heart has to work harder pumping additional blood to excess tissues. This can potentially leading to congestive heart failure.


Commonly occurs with overnutritioned pets and is one of the worst complication-causing diseases, especially for senior pets.

Diminished quality and length of life

Obesity results in greater risk of joint damage and subsequent osteoarthritis, leading to chronic pain; impeding you and your pet from leading a healthy, active life together.

Deterioration of liver

Build up of excess fat in your pet's liver dimishes its ability to function properly. 


Being overweight generates digestive problems resulting in higher risk for constipation and flatulence.

Coat, hair and skin problems.

Increased levels of fat causes skin to fold into itself creating pockets that encourage development of infections, accumulation of oils, and various skin and hair issues.


4-point load cell

Take accurate measurements every day.

From now on, you do not need to check your pet's weight every day for obesity prevention.


As your pet hops onto the Pogme and snuggles into its nest, Pogme instantly compares its weight with other dogs of the same breed and age, and immediately lets you know if your pet is obese!


Whenever your pet is comfortably snuggling on the Pogme, its weight is constantly being monitored and being compared with other dogs of the same breed and age. Providing hourly weight change information in units as precise as 10g, the Pogme also conveniently saves this information for you and your Vet. Now you are able to have more informed conversations about your pet's well-being with more accurate health data. 


The Pogme is a smart device that does not measure anything elese other than the weight of your pet, so there is no need to worry about buttons getting pushed or other objects getting meausured by accident. Managing your pet's weight and keeping obesity at bay just got a lot easier. 

Enhance immunity with body temperature regulation feature


Pets have a body temperature 2°C warmer than humans, so they often look for warm places where their healing abilities are stronger and they instinctively feel safe and assured.


Temperature regulation applied in body temperature and immunology studies claim that a 1°C higher body temperature will improve immunity by 13%!


A patented heating element

that provides warmth safely and gently.

No electromagnetic waves, evenly heated, energy efficient and affordable to use. 

 Place your pet's favorite blanket or your old-shirt --

anything that supplies soothing smells to calm them

and make them feel more at home.

Calibrate it to zero, sit back and wait.

Your pet will settle into the Pogme.


Select body temperature regulation option

5 options for body temperature regulation to choose from tailored for the uniqueness of your pet!


Continual Heating

Keeps your pet warm at a consistent temperature throughout the day.


Timer & Alarm

You may use the timer function to set the desired time of use. Your pet will be delighted by a warm Pogme when temperatures drop suddenly at dawn during seasonal changes. The alarm rings when the Pogme is comfortably warmed up.


Heating Learning Mode

Turns on when your pet steps on and turns off when your pet gets off, operating only when in use. Cuts down on unnecessary energy usage and helps save on utility bills!


Cooling Cushion (Accessory)

Install the cool cushion during warmer weather to maintain an average temperature of 66 to 68°F for up to 12 hours. Use Pogme all year round!


Automated Heating

Provides warmth according to the surrounding conditions.

Reacts sensitively to the actual temperatures felt by your pet and serves as an alternative to your warm embrace.


Sleep plays an important role in restoring an exhausted mind and fatigued body. Pogme offers the gift of sleep through healing music for your pet. Offer a good rest to your pet who faces separation anxiety every time you leave for work, who runs around exerting energy all day as soon as lunchtime is over, and who spends happy moments with you after work.

Healing music that stimulates deep sleep


Immerse in relaxing & stress-relieving music

We have designed various types of healing music according to their different musical preferences and styles. Select the type of healing music that you feel will resonate the best for your pet and then adjust the volume to a level that most effectively send your pet to a sweet dreamland! 


Designed for daily use and with its waterproof feature, you never need to worry about accidents.



Want a pet cave? Install an optional dome accesory to provide a cozier shelter for pets who are sensitive to exposure and external stress factors! Make it the smartest home in the world for your beloved pet!

Add a roof for coziness

Easy and simple operation independent of an APP / Program.

You suddenly feel chilly and

the first thing you think of is your pet.

With just 1 or 2 clicks, it’s the fastest way to show that you care.

All features and information are accessible even without an APP.

Operation is easy and simple,

but still pet proof

Concerned your resourceful pet will accidentally turn on the Pogme while you are away? Rest assured that your pet will never be able to operate the Pogme on its own.

Cutting-edge healthcare feature App

Vets are most concerned with the onset of health abnormalities in pets. They ask questions like "So when did the pain start? What happened that day?" Let the Pogme help answer those questions


Daily recordings

Be the first to know of any nuances in your pet's health -- sudden fluctuations in weight or change in sleeping patterns, or other environmental changes. Even small changes can be learned of quickly, the Pogme captures it all.


자세한 정보로 좀 더 세밀한 진료를!

만약 그 시점을 수의사에게 정확하게 전한다면

당신의 반려동물을 보다 많이 이해할 수 있을 것입니다.

당장 Pogme로 당신의 반려동물의 Health Data를 수의사와 공유하세요!

Vector Smart Object.png

More health data details = more thorough examination

The vet will be able to better understand your pet if he or she knows exactly when your pet started to feel unwell. Use Pogme to share health data with your vet now!

Vector Smart Object.png

Even small changes can be learnt of quickly

Get to know your pet better than anyone else by being informed of the environmental conditions at home during your absence, keeping track of behavioral patterns, and monitoring overall health data of your pet.


Understand your pet's body just like your own!


Once a month, you approach the pet community for pet food advice, scour through pet food grade lists, ask for samples and worry about choosing the right food for your rapidly growing pet. If this sounds like you, then this feature if for you.

Customized Pet Food Delivery Feature

Customized pet food suggestions are offered for your pet based on an analysis of your pet’s health data and then delivered to your doorstep, all with just one click.


And lastly,

All features are easily accessible via the APP and LCD buttons,

change the APP emoticons to resemble your pet,

know what your pet is doing on the Pogme,

offer your pet comfort in winter with the Pogme dome,

remove the dome and install the cool cushion during summer to offer your pet cool relief, and

stay informed of your pet's daily sleep / exercise / play time through the activity tracker collar. (sold separately)

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